Letters to Heaven 天堂情书 Episode7 (20 Feb 2010, Sat, 9:30pm)

(Written by Josef, hubby of Molly)

Letters to Heaven 天堂情书 is a 8-episode Chinese docudrama series produced by August Pictures for Mediacorp Channel 8. People are invited to write letters to their beloved who had passed over, and each half-hour episode will re-enact the content in one letter.


“When those closest to us move on into eternity, what else are we left with besides tears of grief and memories too painful to go over? In reality, death allows us to better appreciate the difficulties and greatness of love, as well as the remarkable strength that stems from love. Letters to Heaven 天堂情书 hopes to give an account of human bonds, a presentation of something everyone can relate to – i.e., the undying connections between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, as well as friends and colleagues. By sharing real-life stories and feelings, it seeks to touch viewers on the emotional level, and encourage everyone to re-examine their relationships, reminding people to be kind to their loved ones and cherish them.”


The focus of the series is on the essence of the love and emotions involved. Along with all the sorrows and dismalness, there will be aspects like thanksgiving, remorse, self-encouragement, new understanding and aspirations, and so on, all of which shall be given the limelight. Shots may be given a poetic or ethereal treatment as a projection of the protagonists’ wishing their loved ones bliss in Heaven.

The producer from August Pictures first approached me sometime late last year, hoping to get in touch with Molly’s sister and seek to feature Molly’s story as seen through the eyes of her sister.

Molly’s sister - Huizhen, agreed to giving the show a try, and send in her letter to heaven. The content focused on how she and the family tried to move on, updates, reflections on relationship, and well wishes to Molly. Once the letter was confirmed, Huizhen will be interviewed on TV in Mandarin and her letter will unfold through re-enactments, dramatisations and with symbolic shots, in tandem with voice-overs of first-person narrations taken directly from the original letter.

The shoot took place last month (see photos below, extracted from Huizhen’s blog) and the episode will be shown on tv this coming Saturday (20 Feb 2010) at 9:30pm. Do remember to catch it.


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