(Written by Josef, hubby of Molly)

Molly’s sister was notified by her friend that Molly was once again featured in a magazine, called LifeWise. So for the past one month, we have been trying to get a copy of this mag. It wasn’t easy as the magazine is not for sale on newstands, but only available to subsribers.

Finally managed to find a copy on loan in the library. On pg58, of Issue 17, LifeWise (Sep/Oct 2008), under the “Inspiration” section titled “Written Therapy”, Molly and WeAreWonderWomen.Com was featured, alongside 3 other inspiring blogs that had touched the lives of many others. 
One of the other 3 belonged to yet another equally amazing WonderWoman - Shin.

An excerpt from the article:

“Molly’s entries are honest, delightfully quirky and sometimes palyful. The feisty lady, who was named Woman of the Year by Vanilla magazine, will forever be remembered as a wonder woman who has touched many lives.”