Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant

Finally, I found a nice, quiet and less crowded Crystal Jade outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 3 (T3). My favourite dish is the “xiaolongtangbao” (soup dumpling in Mandarin) for its soup and soft minced pork, and dipping them with ginger and my favourite vinegar. Yum! Check out the stired-fried rice cake with XO sauce. Another fantastic dish!

(Check out my ah lau’s expression… what was he thinking? Hmm… must be thinking of the bill. Hahaha!)

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at East Coast is a great place to enjoy seafood and a beautiful seaview, and it serves good tasty food at a reasonable price.

I love the alfresco dining area because the seaview has a calming and therapeutic effect on me. Not only the sea, in fact, the swimming pool also gives me positive feelings of excitement and happiness. Heehee.

Olay Ultra Whitening Treatment Mask

Hey my WonderWomen, have you tried the Olay Ultra Whitening Treatment Mask before?

I would say that this is a miraculous mask because the result is instant! It helps to minimise the redness and size of my pimples from the side effects of my steriod injections, and helps to keep my skin smooth and soft. And the best thing… it costs only $3 for an individual pack! =)

Clinique Happy

“Clinique Happy” is one of my favourite perfume. The aroma reminds me of Sarsi drink, so light and sweet in taste. Haha!

My aunt gave me this travel pack for Christmas last year and I really treasure it alot. There is a denim pouch and a happy charm which holds the perfume. It is so girlish and stylish looking! =)

Podcast TVC - My Sister’s Cat

Do you like this Podcast TVC - My Sister’s Cat? . Heehee. I’m so fond of the song until I could sing it practically everyday! Don and Drew are just so funny with their expression as well as the extras that made the TVC superfluously hilarious. Haha!

It’s a shoes pizza

Look at the arrangement! Doesn’t it look like a pizza? Heehee. Well, I managed to dunk only 24 pairs of shoes on my pizza look-alike carpet, leaving the remaining 6 pairs in my shoes cabinet. =)

I normally shop for cheap, “no brand” shoes because I’m not rich. I love to shop at ShenZhen, China for cheap shoes because some of the shoes there cost as little as SGD$5! They were cheap and nice but not comfortable because they caused blisters on my feet. But it’s ok, ’cause I have plenty of plasters to protect my sore feet. I don’t intend to own any branded shoes because I believe in quantity then quality =)

I’ll continue shopping for shoes until there are no more room in my house to store them!

Sticky Chewy Chocolate

I love the “Sticky Chewy Chocolate” flavour ice-cream from Swensen because of its bitter after-taste and great chewy feeling. Mmmm… =) Ice-cream is something that I must have right after each chemo infusion!

Sticky Chewy Chocolate

Merry Mary (Korean Drama)

I’m usually not a big fan of Korean drama because I couldn’t stand watching those sad, long agonizing korean love dramas which I felt were too dramatized for me to enjoy. However, one day I found myself hooked on the Korean drama show - “My lovely Sam-Sam” and that was when I realised that korean dramas are actually quite entertaining =)

Recently, I have been watching, “Merry Mary“, now showing on Phoenix Channel at 7:05pm daily.

The Synopsis
Mary and Daegu are a young couple who keep their chins up even though they are poor and live a tough life. Mary eats well, plays well and sleeps well even in the midst of facing setbacks and difficulties in her life. Both are upright people who are working hard to reach their dreams. A truly comedic show for a good laugh and I like Mary (starring Lee Ha Na) for her acting skills and cute expressions. =)

Merry Mary

Christmas Feast

The Christmas feast is my favourite meal for the entire year because the meal brings laughters, family reunion, gifts and surprises. For this year’s Christmas “party”, I had Yong’s Soon Kuey, glutinous rice, almond flakes and fresh fruits cake, pizza, cocktail hotdogs, fried hokkien mee, yong tau foo, otah and many many more… It was a truly fusion meal! Heehee. Check out my photos la. It was a great pig-out! =)

Christmas Feast

Crystal Jade Kitchen

I’m a loyal fan of Crystal Jade Kitchen. I love their smooth and tasty shredded pork and century egg congee, chicken claws and black bean sauce, and rice rolls with scallops. Their congee has never let me down all these years. =)

Crystal Jade Kitchen

Ikea - My most favourite place for breakfast

I love to go to the Ikano cafe at Ikea for breakfast because they serve really really cheap breakfast and is spacious with very little crowd, especially on weekdays morning. =) Most importantly, Ikea is only one bus stop away from my house!

Everyday, the cafe will serve a different breakfast menu ranging from usual local breakfast like fried mee goreng, vegetarian bee hoon, longtong, mee siam to western breakfast like hotcakes and hotdogs etc… My favourite is mee siam and mee rebus. Nice gravy and the portion are just nice. And yes, coffee and tea is refillable and the most wonderful part is, free beverages for Ikea members! Heehee…


Han Sang Korean Family Restaurant

Do you like Korean food? My favourite Korean dish is the kimchi. Actually I like all korean seasoned vegetables. Heehee.

Han Sang Korean Family Restaurant is located at Novena Square 2 and it serves quite decent Korean food. I have tried their DupBob Pork, curry rice and barley tea. Check out the photos. =)

Han Sang Korean

Breakfast at Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf

This is a great place for breakfast. The prices range between $5 - $6.95. (excluding GST, service charge). My favourite order is Eggs Ben. Yum! Soft bagel with eggs, ham, cheese, juicy lettuce and tomatos. Mmm… the meal even comes with a cup of tea/coffee. It is value for money!

Furthermore, you can sit there all day long to read the newspapers or a book. Heehee.

Breakfast at Coffeebean