A BIG thank you to Ezyhealth & Beauty Magazine

Hey everyone,

Ezyhealth & Beauty Magazine has featured my cancer story for this month’s December issue. The title of the article is “A Wonder Woman Overcomes the Odds - lessons from a young woman’s fight against ovarian cancer”. It is indeed a very awe-inspiring and creative title given by the magazine’s editor. Heehee.

The article can be found at pp. 36 - 38 with a picture of me smiling happily and the layout is tastefully designed. A BIG thank you to Ezyhealth & Beauty Magazine for this wonderful opportunity to let me share my cancer story and promote WeAreWonderWomen.Com. You have helped in raising cancer awareness to more young women. =)

WeAreWonderWomen.com is on MindYourBody!

WeAreWonderWomen.com was mentioned in ‘MindYourBody’ yesterday!

MindYourBody - a weekly newspaper pull-out by The Straits Times introduced WeAreWonderWomen as a “New Cancer Support Group”. Heehee… The article can be found at pp.20 under healthhelp. I didn’t know about it until someone dropped a comment to alert me. (p.s. thanks Evelyn!)

A big thank you to ‘MindYourBody’! Your article has brought me lots of new readers and also helped spread cancer-awareness to more women!

WeAreWonderWomen is on Tomorrow.sg!

Someone told me that WeAreWonderWomen was “tomorrowed” at Tomorrow.sg for the entry “Do you dress up for your doctor?

Big thanks to Tomorrow.sg! You have helped to spread cancer awareness to more women!

I went in take a look and realized that there was a cheeky comment from a “Anonymous Voyeur”. He commented, ”Molly you’re one cute chick. Can I be your gyn-oco too?“ 

Oh my… I thought, this is not some sexual-related blog but rather is a health blog discussing about the life-threatening sickness - CANCER! Although, the title of my entry may sounded a bit provocative, but it is nevertheless an entry on women, cancer and treatment. That stupid voyeur is such an idiot!